Endorsed & Vetted Reflective Supervisors

FA: Infant and Early Childhood Family Associate Applicants
FS: Infant and Early Childhood Family Specialist Applicants
FRS: Infant and Early Childhood Family Reflective Supervisor Applicants
MHS: Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist Applicants
All Applicants: Any Infant and Early Childhood Endorsement Applicants


Name Can Provide

RSC to

Jennifer Anderson, M.Ed, IMH-E® FA & FS Applicants Climax, NC
Karen Appleyard-Carmody, PhD All Applicants Durham, NC
Smokie Brawley FA, FS, FRS Applicants Matthews, NC
Diane Britz, LCSW, IMH-E® All Applicants Wilmington, NC
Ennis Baker, LCSW All Applicants Chapel Hill, NC
Xia Bell, LCMHC-S, LCAS  FA, FS & MHS Applicants Asheville, NC
Marilyn Farrell, M Ed.,  IMH-E® FA, FS & FRS Applicants Cary, NC
Gabriel Guyton, MA, MS Ed., IMH-E® FA, FS & FRS  Applicants Asheville, NC
Lindsey Harfst, LCSW  All Applicants Kill Devil Hills, NC
Marly Hinestroza, LCSW FA & MHS Applicants Maysville, NC
Evette Horton, LCSW All Applicants Carrboro, NC
Verena Jonas, MA Ed. FA & FS Applicants Jacksonville, NC
Sharon Little, Ed. D, IMH-E® FA &  FS Applicants Wadesboro, NC
Elizabeth McLaughlin, LCSWA FA & MHS Applicants Winston Salem, NC
Rowena Mudiappa, LCSW, IMH-E® All Applicants Cary, NC
Debbie Mugno, Ed D. FA & FS Applicants Cary, NC
Kayla Muzyk, MSW, LCSW FA & MHS Applicants Leland, NC
Suzanne Nardozzi, LCSW FA, FS, FRS & MHS Applicants Wilmington, NC
Christine Perrotto-Knowles, LCSW All Applicants  New Bern, NC
Donna Potter, LCSW All Applicants Durham, NC
Anne Peeler Isaac, LCSW  All Applicants Greensboro, NC
Nickey Reato-Stamey, IMH-E® FA, FS & FRS Applicants Burnsville, NC
Tristan Roderick, MA, LPA, HSP-PA All Applicants  Kitty Hawk, NC
Tiffany Salter, LCSW FA & MHS Applicants Wilmington, NC
Autumn Snyder, IMH-E® FA, FS & FRS Applicants Weaverville, NC
Lauren Thomason, LCMHC FA & MHS


Charlotte, NC & Raleigh, NC
Stephanie Timpe, MS FA & FS


Durham, NC
Asata Virgo, MAS-IFP, IMH-E® FA & MHS


Zebulon, NC
Susanne Walker Wilson, LCSW, LCAS-A, IMH-E® All Applicants Asheville, NC
Tomeika Watson, LCSW, IMH-E® FA & FS


Raleigh, NC
Jodi Whiteman, M.Ed, IMH-E® FA & FS


Wake Forest, NC
Mary Wise-Kiplani, LCSW, PhD All Applicants Durham, NC


Our list is always growing, but our website is updated quarterly. Click HERE for the most up to date list.

For more information about reflective supervision/consultation (RSC) for Endorsement applicants or becoming a “vetted” RSC provider, please review the following documents: