Endorsed & Vetted Reflective Supervisors

FA: Infant and Early Childhood Family Associate Applicants
FS: Infant and Early Childhood Family Specialist Applicants
FRS: Infant and Early Childhood Family Reflective Supervisor Applicants
MHS: Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist Applicants
All Applicants: Any Infant and Early Childhood Endorsement Applicants

Name Can Provide

RSC to

Jennifer Anderson, M.Ed, IMH-E® FA & FS Applicants Climax, NC
Karen Appleyard-Carmody, PhD All Applicants Durham, NC
Smokie Brawley FA, FS, FRS Applicants Matthews, NC
Diane Britz, LCSW, IMH-E® All Applicants Wilmington, NC
Ennis Baker, LCSW All Applicants Chapel Hill, NC
Xia Bell, LCMHC-S, LCAS  FA, FS & MHS Applicants Asheville, NC
Mindy Davis, M. Ed FA, FS, FRS Applicants Wilmington, NC
Marilyn Farrell, M Ed.,  IMH-E® FA, FS & FRS Applicants Cary, NC
Gabriel Guyton, MA, MS Ed., IMH-E® FA, FS & FRS  Applicants Asheville, NC
Lindsey Harfst, LCSW  All Applicants Kill Devil Hills, NC
Marly Hinestroza, LCSW FA & MHS Applicants Maysville, NC
Evette Horton, LCSW All Applicants Carrboro, NC
Sharon Little, Ed. D, IMH-E® FA &  FS Applicants Wadesboro, NC
Elizabeth McLaughlin, LCSW, IMH-E® FA & MHS Applicants Winston Salem, NC
Rowena Mudiappa, LCSW, IMH-E® All Applicants Cary, NC
Debbie Mugno, Ed D. FA & FS Applicants Cary, NC
Kayla Muzyk, MSW, LCSW FA & MHS Applicants Leland, NC
Suzanne Nardozzi, LCSW FA, FS, FRS & MHS Applicants Wilmington, NC
Christine Perrotto-Knowles, LCSW All Applicants  New Bern, NC
Donna Potter, LCSW All Applicants Durham, NC
Anne Peeler Isaac, LCSW  All Applicants Greensboro, NC
Nickey Reato-Stamey, IMH-E® FA, FS & FRS Applicants Burnsville, NC
Tristan Roderick, MA, LPA, HSP-PA All Applicants  Kitty Hawk, NC
Tiffany Salter, LCSW FA & MHS Applicants Wilmington, NC
Autumn Snyder, IMH-E® FA, FS & FRS Applicants Weaverville, NC
Lauren Thomason, LCMHC FA & MHS


Charlotte, NC and Raleigh, NC
Stephanie Timpe, MS FA & FS


Durham, NC
Asata Virgo, MAS-IFP, IMH-E® FA & MHS


Zebulon, NC
Susanne Walker Wilson, LCSW, LCAS-A, ITFS, IMH-E® All Applicants Asheville, NC
Tomeika Watson, LCSW, IMH-E® FA & FS


Raleigh, NC
Jodi Whiteman, M.Ed, IMH-E® FA & FS


Wake Forest, NC
Mary Wise-Kiplani, LCSW, PhD, IMH-E® All Applicants Durham, NC

Our list is always growing, but our website is updated quarterly. Click HERE for the most up to date list.

For more information about reflective supervision/consultation (RSC) for Endorsement applicants or becoming a “vetted” RSC provider, please review the following documents: