Alliance for Early Success

Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health

Child Trauma Academy

Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development

Harvard University Center on the Developing Child (includes Resources in Spanish)

Heckman: The Economics of Human Potential 

National Association for Education of Young Children

National Childhood Traumatic Stress Network

Start Early

Zero to Three

First 2000 Days (NC Early Childhood Foundation)

Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute 

NC Child

North Carolina Institute of Medicine 

North Carolina Preschool Development Grant (DCDEE)

Nurturing the Brain (NC Early Learning Network)

Pathways Actions/Initiatives Map (NC Early Childhood Foundation)

Smart Start

The Attachment Network of North Carolina

Think Babies NC (NC Early Education Coalition)


A Decade of Science Informing Policy (article)

Heckman: The Case for Investing in Disadvantaged Children (video)

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Policy Series (resource list)

NCIOM: Task Force on the Mental Health and Social Emotional Needs of Young Children and Their Families (report)

Reframing Children’s Mental Health (toolkit)

State of the Babies 2021 (report)

Adverse Experience, Toxic Stress & Trauma

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) Study (report)

ACES: What We Know and What We Can Do (article)

A Guide to Toxic Stress (articles, videos)

Self-Regulation and Toxic Stress: Foundations for Understanding Self-Regulation from an Applied Developmental Perspective (article)

Supporting Young Children Experiencing Separation and Trauma (resource list)

What is Child Trauma? (website)

Attachment & Early Relational Health

From a Baby’s Point of View (video)

Molly Wright: How Every Child Can Thrive By Five (video)

Serve and Return (articles, videos)

Brain Development 

Brain Architecture (videos, articles)

How Brains Are Built: Introducing the Brain Story (video)

In Brief: Connecting the Brain to the Rest of the Body (article)


Impact on Moms and Babies (website)

Coronavirus Resources for Early Childhood Educators (resource list)

Georgie and the Giant Germ (ebook)

Resources for Supporting Children’s Emotional Well-being during the COVID-19 Pandemic (website, resource list)

Stress, Resilience, and the Role of Science: Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic (guide)

Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH)

How to Talk About Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (infographic)

Infant Mental Health and Early Care and Education Providers (article)

In Brief: Early Childhood Mental Health (videos, articles)

NCIOM: Task Force on the Mental Health and Social Emotional Needs of Young Children and Their Families (report)

The Basics of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health: A Briefing Paper (article)

Social Justice & Early Childhood

Creating Anti-Racist Early Childhood Space (article)

Diversity Informed Tenants for Work With Infants, Children and Families (article)

Moving Upstream: Confronting Racism to Open Up Children’s Potential (article)

Talking to Very Young Children About Race (article)