Endorsed and Vetted Reflective Supervisors

Endorsed & Vetted Reflective Supervision Providers

Can Provide Reflective Supervision for

Karen Appleyard Carmody, PhD All Endorsement Applicants 
Ennis Baker, LCSW All Endorsement Applicants
Jessica Taylor-Pickford, LCSW, IMH-E® All Endorsement Applicants
Lauren Thomason, LCMHC IFA, IFS, and IMHS Applicants 
Asata Virgo, IMH-E® IFA, IFS, and IMHS Applicants 
Mary Wise-Kriplani, LCSW, PhD All Endorsement Applicants 

For more information about reflective supervision/consultation (RSC) for Endorsement applicants or becoming a “vetted” RSC provider, please review the following documents: