Applying for Endorsement

The North Carolina Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Association (NCIMHA) is using a cohort based system to support applicants that want to pursue the Culturally Sensitive, Relationship Focused Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Endorsement® (Endorsement) credential. 

This is being done to ensure that NCIMHA has resources to provide ample support to applicants moving through the Endorsement process. Cohorts also offer a pathway to building cross disciplinary relationships among cohort members. The best way to get started is:

Step One: Align Your Current Scope of Work & Endorsement Category 

Review information about different categories of Endorsement on our Categories & Requirements page. Use this information to determine which category will be the best match for you given your scope of work, skills, expertise, and experience. 

Need help making sense of which Endorsement category is right for you? We’ve got you!

Register for an Endorsement 101 session on our Events page 

Reach out to the Endorsement Coordinator (

Step Two: Let Us Know You Are Interested 

Register your interest in joining a cohort to apply for Endorsement with the completion of this Interest Form. We will use this information to form cohort groups of 15 individuals that will move through the Endorsement process together. 

If you work within an agency that has a group (10 or more) that would like to apply for Endorsement in an agency based cohort, please reach out to the Endorsement Coordinator.

Step Three: Review Your Experience 

Prior to joining a cohort to apply for Endorsement, individuals may find it helpful to review their experience using the Getting Started Guide. This self-assessment offers Endorsement applicants an opportunity to identify any gaps in knowledge or skill they may need to address prior to the completion of the Endorsement application.


Endorsement Cohort Process Step by Step:

Fees by Category