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Endorsement & Reflective Supervision

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Application Process

Getting Started

The North Carolina Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Association (NCIMHA) uses a cohort system to support applicants that want to pursue the Culturally Sensitive, Relationship Focused Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Endorsement® credential.

This is done to ensure that NCIMHA has resources to provide ample support to applicants moving through the Endorsement process. Cohorts also offer a pathway to building cross disciplinary relationships among cohort members.

You can get started in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Select a category to apply

Review the different categories of Endorsement on our Categories and Requirements page. Use this information to determine which category is the best match for your scope of work, skills, expertise, and experience.

Need help making sense of which Endorsement category is right for you?

We’ve got your back!

  • We frequently hold “Endorsement 101” classes.  Check our events calendar to see if one of them works for you.
  • If you get stuck, use our contact page to send an email to our Endorsement Coordinator.

Step 2: Let us know you are interested

Use the button below to register your interest in joining an application cohort. We will use this information to form cohort groups of up to 12 individuals that will begin the Endorsement process together.

If you work within an agency that has a group (10 or more) that would like to apply for Endorsement in an agency based cohort, please reach out to the Endorsement Coordinator.

Step 3: Review your experience

Prior to joining a cohort to apply for Endorsement, individuals may find it helpful to review their experience using the Getting Started Guide. This self-assessment offers Endorsement applicants an opportunity to identify any gaps in knowledge or skill they may need to address prior to the completion of the Endorsement application. Click the button below to download a PDF copy of the guide.

Application Timeline

Applications are keyed and processed in the Endorsement Application System, often abbreviated as "EASy". The following chart illustrates what a typical applicant might experience from expressing interest to receiving their Endorsement. A separate chart will provide more details on the total cost.

Register Your Interest
Submit Interest Form (individuals and groups under 10 participants)
Groups of 10 or more can contact us directly to register as an agency cohort.
Attend "Endorsement 101" class
Cohort Selection
NCIMHA selects cohorts to deliberately build capacity and ensure diversity
Agency based cohorts are allowed with at least 10 participants from the same agency
Cohorts Register in EASy
Join NCIMHA ($50 annual membership fee)
Pay registration fee ($25 per applicant)
Initial cohort meeting and EASy Overview (required)
Complete Application in EASy
Average application complete within 6 months
Support is available through EASy any time, monthly office hour sessions, or one-on-one by appointment
Submit Application for Review
Pay processing fee (see fee chart below for details)
Application is peer reviewed
The following Endorsements are issued immediately upon approval: IFA, ECFA, IFS, & ECFS
The following Endorsements require an exam before credentials can be issued: IMHS, ECMHS, IMHM, ECMHM

Exam & Renewal Requirements

Optional NCIMHA sponsored study groups
Exam windows are offered the last week of every month, with applicants taking the exam virtually at a time of their choosing via the Questionmark platform
Exam Review
Allow up to 10 weeks for exam review by two Endorsed peers
15 hours of training required; 12 hours of RSC are also required for categories with an RSC requirement
Renewals typically occur in December & January, at least on full year after Endorsement is received
Annual membership fee of $50 is required for renewal

Fee Schedule

NCIMHA Membership
Registration Fee
Processing Fee
Family Associate
$50 Annually
January - December
Family Specialist
$50 Annually
January - December
Mental Health Specialist
$50 Annually
January - December
Mental Health Mentor
$50 Annually
January - December
Endorsed Reflective Supervisor
*No additional cost for Add-On to IFS/ECFS or IMHS/ECMHS

*I/ECMHS and I/ECMHM category processing fees are substantially higher due to the need to contract with exam reviewers, initially through the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health and then within a trained pool of NCIMHA exam reviewers.

Your Endorsement Journey

Use the button below to download a printable packet developed by the Alliance titled Your Endorsement Journey. It contains a wealth of information for those who want to go deep.

Still have questions?

We are here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you need help picking the right category, navigating the EASy application system, or something unique – just click the button below and send us a message!